Don’t trust the weatherman

I’ve been itching to take the bike into work this week. The wife was off work today and it seemed like it was a go. 

Then I checked the weather forecast. The cursed always-wrong-when-you-check-it and always-right-when-you-don’t forecast. I should have known better than to trust the weatherman on Groundhog Day

I play it safe with the weather and riding. Being on the bike when it’s raining can be dangerous, and painful. Today showed a 40% chance of it throughout the morning. 

Guess what? Not a damn drop. All damn day. 

So I took the Tundra in. 

A thick fog settled comfortably among the refineries and downtown scenery. 

I was feeling a little blue this morning. We sort of adopted this kitten, a ball of hatred I decided to name Lady Macbeth. Well, I haven’t seen her in a couple of days. Have no idea where she is. After a childhood of having family pets dying over the years, it’s difficult for me to become attached to animals. 

Lady Macbeth surveying her dominion.

But I kinda love this little cat. She’s scrappy and she doesn’t take shit from anyone or any animal. 

I chastised myself for trying to find her before work this morning. Why put yourself through the pain and disappointment if you don’t find her, I thought. 

I let my pain compromise my judgment and I yelled at one of the kids before I left. Sure, he was being a pain in the butt, but I took my anger out on him. 

But I haven’t dwelled on it since this morning. I will come home, give him a hug, tell him I love him, and move on. 

The future is unclear. We get clues based on our past experiences and our present hopes, but we can’t let what’s coming cheat us out of what’s right in front of us. 

And we can’t let anger, pain, disappointment cast a haze over what’s truly important in our lives. For me, it’s my wife and boys, my brothers, my sisters-in-law, my wife’s mother, my nephews, my great-niece, and all of the people I call friends. 

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