Flushing Jack

Jack the fish (2015-2017). You swam, you saw, you swam some more.

Logan’s fish died, presumably, of natural causes the morning of March 5, 2017. There was a small memorial service in the bathroom as I buried him at sea. 

Fish aren’t cuddly

Jack never crawled up in Logan’s lap or did any cool tricks. He would swim up to the wall of the tank when you put your finger on it. And he’d wiggle his little fins (maybe he was saying “hello”). Other than that, he just swam in his gallon-sized tank, eating that nasty smelling food when it was given to him.

But Logan did love little Jack. And he was sad at Jack’s passing. 

A small tragedy, a big opportunity

In the grand scheme of our lives, Jack’s passing is minor. I told the boys that it’s OK to feel sadness about losing something they loved. 

Even my two sons get wrapped up in their lives (school, sports, video games) that they lose sight of the important things. After our memorial service for Jack, I explained to them that this is why we need to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones.

We’re all gonna die!

One day or another, we’re all going to die. We would all like it to be at a time and date and circumstance of our choosing. But that’s now how death works. 

So we need to take the time to say to those around us, “I love you.” We need to act lovingly towards one another.

I’m sure both Luke and Logan will still cringe when we give them hugs and tell them we love them (especially as they get older). But one day they’ll appreciate the love Lacey and I (and myriad others) show them.

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