Closing the Moon Tunnel

I had some time to go on a ride yesterday, but I initially didn’t feel like it. I know, I know, it was a fit of craziness. And I was distracted by a couple of mobile games I recently downloaded.

But a thought came to me after I finished a match on “Battle Royale.” I’ll regret it if I don’t get out there. Even if it’s only for 45 minutes or so.

So I took a short ride around Annaville, Calallen and Robstown. That’s not much of a ride to write about, I know. 

I suppose I could tell you how absurd it is that they named the new shopping outlets after the bay. I’m pretty sure those stores are geographically closer to the Nueces River than Corpus Christi Bay. But maybe rivers aren’t as sexy to tourists than bays. Maybe the execs think we’re too stupid to figure it out. Oh well, it’s a shopping mall with people and traffic and bullshit. I’ll make it by there one day, after the hoopla has died down.

I was a trailer park boy

This is the old trailer I lived in. Only thing that’s changed is that it’s got a different color trim.

Before I headed back home, I took a little trip through the old trailer park where I spent part of my formative years. I don’t remember Jackson Woods looking so run-down when I was a kid, but my focus was on different things back then. That was before puberty and the complications that came along with that.

I remember one day, walking with some buddies, and one of them let us in on the secret of sexual intercourse. Yada, yada, yada. My mind was reeling after that revelation. And, of course, some incorrect information was disseminated along with some truth that day. We found a condom in the road (I remember it was red). One of the kids had a hockey stick and picked up the rubber. He giggled as he said, “Look, it’s having sex with my hockey stick!”

The speed bumps through the trailer park were a bitch. When I was a kid, riding my bicycle, I’d speed up as I approached them and would try to pop wheelies, or simply get some air, as I went over them. Or I’d ride into the pebble-filled gutter to avoid them all together. 

Going over those bumps in a 650 lb. motorcycle is much different. I wasn’t expecting the first one and that was a jarring experience. But even when I braced for the other ones, I still hurt my nether regions a couple of times.

Where’s the fun?

I noticed that the park in the middle of the trailer park had no equipment for kids to play on. There used to be swings, a jungle gym, some huge cement cylinders, hell, even a couple of trees. Even the bamboo patch is gone. Now it’s just an empty lot. The weather was nice yesterday, and back in my day we’d have a football game going on or something. 

The other tragedy, if you want to call it that, is that they closed off the Moon Tunnel (the main image to this post). It leads straight to the Nueces and you could drown, or at least get lost down there. I was always too scared to go in there. It’s dark and cramped. And there certainly isn’t treasure at the end. But there are probably spiders and other vermin.

One time, my brother and his friends went on an adventure in the Moon Tunnel. He was gone for hours and my parents got worried when he hadn’t checked in. I reluctantly told them where he went. They freaked out and sent my other brother after him. They both came out, unscathed. 

As a parent, I’m glad someone finally did something about it. But it sort of feels like the end of a local legend. I bet if I went to any of the local kids and asked them about the Moon Tunnel, they’d give me a blank stare. 

I suppose the video games fill the void. They’re nice and safe and there are no lasting, long-term negative health effects from staying inside to play video games all day, right?

Back to the future

If I’m still living in this area when I’m an old man, and I have no reason to suspect otherwise, I’ll probably tell my grandkids about how all the developed properties used to be farmlands.

And I hope that selling all the surrounding farmlands to developers doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass. But I suppose I’ll let the professionals and politicians handle that, for now.

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